Where I am from

February 2, 2017
By Kcuculi BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
Kcuculi BRONZE, Sussex, Wisconsin
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I am from bitter chills of Wisconsin,
five months of winter, 100 degree summers, and an abundance of days on the lake.

I am from the South,
North and South Carolina, where a southern accent where a southern accent comforts and brings predictability.

I am from a family with no father,
with a bond between a son and a mother, simply inseparable.

I am from hours in the pool,
swimming back and forth too many times to count.

I am from homemade cooking,
a father that went to culinary school and wanted to show off to his kids.

I am from a DIY family,
a grandfather finding pleasure in fixing things with his grandson.

I am from a big red Ford Expedition,
blasting music down scenic roads with the people I love.

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