mortal afflictions

December 14, 2016
By unholy SILVER, Georgetown, Texas
unholy SILVER, Georgetown, Texas
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life inspires me to live and there's so much meaning to why my heart is beating right now.

are my words pretty now that they have context?
1,983 years ago i was drowned in a bathtime baptization and i have been searching for a meaning ever since.
i am screaming into an egocentric void that you are wrong and i am right in a most unfortunate reality of meaningful meaningless meaning.
you and i are being strung up on a janky cross from a home decor endcap at Walmart; there was a deceptive clearance tag but purity of the masses is an ample price.
we were crucified for the naturality of man but you are conservatively celebrated in a cruel facade of blind faith for an ungraspable morality.
they say they want an answer for the beginning, the end, and the stars up above, but all i desire is a definitive why.
i didn’t ask to be here and i still don’t want to be here and there is eternal punishment to such an affection.
i was afflicted with mortality and hell is being damned upon me before i’ve even reached its gates

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