Where I'm from

November 15, 2016

I'm from my great-grandfathers roots,
deep in Mexico.

I'm from my sweet abuelita's care.
May God rest her soul.

I'm from my grandmothers wisdom.
As well as her baked goods and cooking.

I'm from my mothers sarcasm.
Which my very being is made of.

I'm from my fathers biting humor.
Coming out to play from time to time.

I'm from late night card games,
and a family with aces up the sleeves.

I'm from laughing so hard,
I'm unable to make a sound.

I'm from mugs.
Each painted with a personality,
and filled with piping hot homemade coco

I'm from the crackling fire,
with It's flame dancing.

I'm from art,
genres swirling around me in a vortex of color.

I'm from the back porch,
old and worn.

I'm from Montana.
The state of gold and silver

I'm from the earth.
As well as being down to it.

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