November 21, 2016
By mayahanson DIAMOND, Fenton, Missouri
mayahanson DIAMOND, Fenton, Missouri
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Favorite Quote:
She feels in italics and thinks in CAPITALS. ~Henry James

I used to think I wanted to be uncommon.
I wanted to live at unusual angles,
I walked on unusual roads and
said strange things in strange places to strange people.

I used to think I wanted to be uncommon
but that was before you were
a giant and a whole new color spectrum and made of stardust,

before a story made of we
lost its meaning,
broke into just two letters
made of soft quiet pencil strokes
written as I trembled in the center of a crowd.

I thought it was an unusual ending
so I cracked my world
and I spent my time
and I bled my tears
and I lost my way

I thought it was an unusual ending
but really it was just another clich├ęd story.

And if now, a lightyear later
this is an unusual beginning
I might just throw myself to the ground,
I want it to be
so so so normal.

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