November 18, 2016
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I turn my music up
Just loud enough so I can't hear myself breathe
I try to forget that I'm alive
That I'm a person

I let the notes and the lyrics flow through my mind
and surge through my bones
I turn it up a little more

The music absorbs me
I feel it in my heart
A tear slides down my cheek
I close my eyes
Oh so tight
I turn it up a little more

My ears start to hurt
I think I hear ringing
I take a silent breath
Glance at the clock
It's 2:00 AM
I turn it up a little more

I should turn it off
Roll over
Get some sleep
No matter how loud it is
It can't drive out my thoughts
My wondering mind
I'm one click away from the limit

I turn it up a little more

I lose myself
In the strums of the guitar
In The versus
In the chorus
In the thumping of the drums
The tears
They won't stop coming

All of a sudden
Right when I think I'm gone
The song ends
I sit in silence
Only the sound of myself
Bring me back to life

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