How to Live

November 17, 2016

Take in as much knowledge as possible. Read.
The right knowledge is the most powerful thing you can have.
Separate yourself from others. Be yourself.
Release positive energy in the world. Negative energy only destroys the world.
Leave your footprint.
Each day, try to be better. Strive for greatness.
Take a lazy day once in awhile, but do not get used to it.
Have goals.
Work for goals.
Accomplish those goals.
Create more goals.
Take care of your body-workout- eat healthy-sleep well.
Have friends that care for and as much as you care for them.
Spend time with them, while cherishing the moment.
Get out your comfort zone- try new things.
Play an instrument.
Master that instrument.
Try martial arts. Master that fighting style.
Learn to juggle. Learn to perform magic. Learn parkour.
Meditate. Calm yourself. Tap into your inner self, inner consciousness. It can really be beneficial.
Make a bucket lists - Do all of those things on that list.
Life's too short for regrets.
Sky dive. Bungee jump. Travel to each continent. Whitewater raft in Alaska. Parasail. Surf. Snorkel in the Coral Reef. Ride in a hot air balloon.
Try to be the best version of yourself.
We only have 1 life, why not make it the best one yet.

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