Time Grows

November 17, 2016

As time goes on

People age
Seeds turn into trees
Rainy days come and go
And so does the sunshine

We made it through the young days
Elementary laughs and playful fun
It all come to an end way too fast

Middle school
We learned that the easy days will come to an end
All of us have to grow up
We hold on to our youth
But told we do not have any youth left
Grow up adults chant
Getting in trouble for wanting our youth
Still immaturely causing trouble

The higher grades
New people, new experiences
Still having the troublesome mind set of middle school
Slowly maturing,
but trying not to lose the grip we have on our youth
Told we have to grow up
Told we have to leave
We have to figure out our lives
No goofing of we are told
These are the days that decide the next chapter
Now we are going off to college
Most no idea what our lives are going to acclimate to

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