My Real Father

November 15, 2016
By DylanGray SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
DylanGray SILVER, Oshkosh, Wisconsin
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Never thought that the father that brought me into this world
Would tell me in third grade
That he’s signing his rights off of me,
My father would soon later find another mother
For a daughter that would also be brought into this world.
He would soon possibly never see his princess slowly become a woman in the world.
But it’s not his fault that the mother
Decided to not let him see her.
He then fell dull and slipped into a bad business filled with bad habits.
I would then have to see my father
Go through sadness and addictions.
I would have to be there for him to realise that addictions and sadness
Isn't worth the consequences.
So he started talking to me more and eventually he created a business where he could pick himself up again.
He started working with a man named Leks.
He then asked me if I would work with him,
He said that he would pay me if I did.
I then agreed gladly.
My dad and I ultimately got some more bonding time.
I came home to my mom who asked how my day went.
I replied with, “It was fantastic, thanks for asking.”
I soon after got a call from my step dad to tell me how his day went and ask how mine went.
I told him the same thing,
“It was fantastic, thanks for asking.”
I always adored my step dad, he was there for me since I could walk and I loved him,
But as I went through the rest of the day when I decided to have a talk with my mom about my actual dad,
She told me all these stories
How he was a shy person and would always wimp out on going to parties,
How as a kid he looked alot like me.
I listened to these stories and soon it hit me,
it took me so long to finally realise that,
My dad always cared for me and he never didn’t want me in his life,
He wanted to see me and care for me
But the things that were going on in his life were strangling the connection we had with each other

I then realised that, 

I cared for him aswell.

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