Without You

November 16, 2016

I don’t get attacked as I walk in the house
When I walk into the backyard, I no longer find mom’s blouse

On Saturdays, you and your sis would howl at the sirens
Now all I hear is pure silence

Your passing tore this family apart
When I found out, it was a bullet to my heart

It killed me seeing you there with no heartbeat
I miss taking you on rides with drool all over the seat

It has been a couple months and it’s still not easy
Talking about you still makes my stomach feel queasy

I don’t mourn your death anymore
I look back and remember how you touched our hearts to the core

You are no longer here and there’s no changing it
But you will forever and always be a Schmidt

You were taken before you were even seven
But I know that one day I will see you in Heaven

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