Anger and Despair

November 14, 2016

I have nothing left
There is no hope left
People say I shouldn’t fill my life with sorrow and dread
But what else am I supposed to do with it?
I am filled with agonizing pain
I’m shattered, I have nothing else to gain
I waste my time, sulking around
I waste my life being beaten to the ground
People say there is a time when this pain will go away
But I have a feeling it will not, it is here to stay
But if there ever comes a time when it does
I would be the happiest person just because
But this darkness becomes stronger everyday
It fills up within me, giving me angry words to say
I can’t take this anymore
So much anger and despair that has been stored
But I just take it step by step
Day by day
Because I know this anger and despair  is here to stay
I watch the red slide down my arms
Because I am already shattered, broken, and torn
I try so hard to keep my thoughts and feelings buried deep inside
But sometimes they just bubble and rush to the surface
Making it seem as if all love and hope has died
I can’t help but hear the ugly words that other people say
It seems like every person is the same
Rumors, gossip, and all the lies
It doesn’t help the feelings of anger and despair that’s building up inside
Have you ever felt this way before?
This anger, hopelessness, and sorrow,
These feelings that have started this war
I’ve kept them hidden for a very long time
I’ve kept these emotions bundled up inside
The very same emotions that have ruined my life
The emotions who have taken control
The good ones they have conquered and stole
And I know I must fight these urges to sin
But the angry voices fill up my head again
For I know it’s not right and I know it’s not fair
But I cannot help these feelings of anger and despair
I can try my best to do what is right
But these urges keep pulling and willing me to fight
For I cannot help these feelings that I fear
For I cannot help these feelings of anger and despair

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