Quick Feet

November 14, 2016

Drums pound in rhythm to the heart.
Everyone stands stationary.
Mouth's breathe,
then release at the down beat

adrenaline runs through skulls
bells jangle
drummers sing and woop
feathers flutter in the wind,

the untrodden soil pounds down
as feet push hard against it,
a Buffalo jumps around the fire ring
and is first to finish,

other creatures join in the circle,
swirling arms
celebrating life
and ending one by one,

Finally Bear enters the circle
stands on his rear legs
calls to his ancestors
and breaks into a charge,

the dance crescendos
drums thunder
other animals attempt to keep up with Bear
but to no avail,

The loudest drum beat resonates.
All the animals howl.
Embers rise into the air,
as the fire breathes out.

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