November 14, 2016

That sinking sensation in your stomach
Knowing what you did was inexcusable.
That promise made in a naive trust
Lies in splintered pieces.
All because of one monumentally bad judgement call.

Hunched over you whisper I’m Sorry..
It won't happen again.
And other hollow promises of repairing the damage
That lie in contrast to the broken
Man sitting across from you.

His head hangs lower
Shielding his eyes
To prevent you from seeing his faith and trust in people
Slowly disappear into a bitter
Protective barrier.

But you know,
You can see the indifference slide down his face
And his eyes turn cold and look away
He stands and turns
Walking away from the one who shattered him.

And you slide down,
As quick as the sinking rock in your stomach
And that pressing weight on your chest.

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