Seemingly Bright

November 10, 2016

Colors dance in and out of my blurred vision
Vibrant beautiful blue,
With hues of pink and purple,
Brilliant and entrancing reds,
Stunning oranges that leave me speechless,
And yellows that pop out from all the other colors.
       We found her lying on the forest floor
       Her blue car flipped over a guardrail
       And tossed from the car.
Blood stains her pink sweater
From her extensive injuries.
Her car slid into the woods.
I want to remember how I got here,
But I struggle.
Instead I think of my husband,
His soft smile and warm eyes.
He wears this silly green sweater
That he loved to wear.
       In the car we found a man
       He died before we arrived
       Near the collar of his green sweater
       You could see the bruising indicating
       His neck had snapped.
       By the time we found him,
       He felt ice cold.
Colors begin to blend,
Bright spots start to appear.
       We try to stabilize her,
       Times running out quickly.
I feel this warmth wrap around me,
The most beautiful peace fills me.
       She’s fading fast,
       There isn’t anything we can possibly do.
I hear a weeping,
But I can’t focus on it.
       An officer weeps,
The brilliance fades slowly into black.
With both families tense
In the stark white waiting room.
I have to deliver the heartbreaking news.

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