human heart

November 10, 2016

This is a tale of the pain in everyone's heart

This is a story made to end right from the start

We’re walking in light but our eyes see shadows

We’re in the middle of fights that seem to overshadow

All the joy in little places outside the battles

We stumble and trip and fall out of good intentions

We slide and slip away from intensive intervention

Where the play is in the middle of an intermission

We’re only actors living in a script where we’re trapped in a tomb with a puzzle to encrypt in a maze of a terror that we call the urge to trust when we’ve only seen silver and gold go to rust

We live everyday in our nightmare where we stay silent and live in the fear

That if we open up we’ll lose the people we hold dear

How can we live while our minds are dying

And our thoughts are telling us it’s no good trying

And we openly believe the people who are lying

They tell us that the blade should kiss our wrists to sleep

But what we seem to forget is they have heartache they keep

Locked inside away from eyes that pry and hidden inside a happiness that died

How can we breathe with our lungs polluted by the human condition undiluted

We’ve gotta pick up our pieces and give them away we’ve gotta carry the people who’ve been led astray and find rides on the backs of those living today

The broken carry the shattered and the damned save the lame

The lambs show the lions how to be tame

We don’t have time to be silent or be overtly violent

We’ve gotta make the best of each other's pain

And run the fear down the drains

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