growing up

November 15, 2016

10 knocked out, broken nose chipped tooth
Due to the fact he didn't have money
Goes to school still full of blood

Seen his dad on the other side
In and out of prison for fights
Killed a man with one blow

He knows it's his decision too
11 trains every day no gloves
Just his broken hand

13  goes to the principal's office for fighting
Gets oss for a week
The whole week he trains

Next week shows up ready
Knocks him to the ground
One goes to the hospital the other goes to jail

14 meets a girl she keeps him out of trouble
A year passes and they are still together
Then she gets raped by the quarterback

He decides to fight him never knowing he would kill him
He stands over his dead body as she freaks out
The cops don't believe him

Goes to prison
Gets a phone call his girls pregnant
Regret fills his heart

15 she finally bring his son to prison to see him
Hes 2 months
She as beautiful as the day he meet her

The next year they come each week
He misses his first word, when he learns to walk, and learning how to use the potty
3 years pass and he is transferred for good behavior

Goes back to trill scared he will go back to prison
Instead charges changed from homicide to self defence
He has to serve his last year

11 months and 27 days pass
Noellen just turned 4
3 more days to serve

First birthday he is out for his son
The best birthday for noellen
Finally all together

6 months pass noellens first day to school
He asked his dad to take him while mom's at work as a nurse
As he goes back to school and graduates high school and college

first day as a wrestling teacher at his old high school
Decides to propose to christie
She says yes then tells him she pregnant again

She 5 months along
He goes to her ultrasound so happy and proud
Find out they are having a girl

4 months pass he's at work
Gets a call she's went into labor
He's so excited to be a dad again 

They decided to name he noella
He finally gets to be there for her first word, when she learns how to walk and using the toilet
20 married and has 2 beautiful children

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