Our Own Story

November 15, 2016

Society in general is sadistic and sad.
Succumbing to devilish ways of killing with no strong evidence.
Shooting off guns as if they are toys, it’s not a boys game
It’s a boy’s life.
You can’t just shoot someone out of strife.

Society is losing itself in choosing between right and wrong
So what society sucks? As long as I get my quick buck,
I don’t care.
Well you know what? You should care
If nobody cared then your whole life would be a nightmare.
Never seeing the light of day, only knowing what your superiors say.
Sit down, Shut up, and follow orders.

Don’t be a follower
Forever following a false figure is what brought the Nazi party to power
But it is what also brought the country of Germany to it’s knees

Stand up for society

Say what needs to be said.
We need a revolution, not an angry figurehead leading us to failure.
For the people,
For the greater good.
Our people possess power to change the world
They are just scared to use it as one would.

Use your noggin, get on the internet and login
Read what’s on the news, look what they choose to present about the world
They expect you to buy into the junk they put on the telly.
They assume that the collective intellectualism of society has turned to jelly.

Are you going to watch this world burn?
Will you let the oppressors, liars, and cheaters run this world?
Or will you stand up to them?
Count your blessings my friend.
Because we are in it until the end.

We will live in the chaos of corrupt capitalism if we don’t do anything to fix society.
Our morals will crumble and the social structure will rumble

Society will collapse

When the lights are out and you are surrounded in darkness,
you remember how well-rounded your knowledge of the problem was,
but you didn’t do a damn thing about it.

This earth will continue to revolve around the sun
It won’t matter what you could have done
Because Cosmically speaking
Your “society” didn’t even scratch the surface of importance.
Just another slight pulse in the universe

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