Dear Brother

November 15, 2016
By Anonymous

Dear Brother,
Deep deep down, do you know how important you are to me?
Do you see that I care deeply about your opinion?
You are my protector.
You’ve been my protector since the departure of our parents.
You stepped in and took over the father position,
When the man in our life stepped out.
I look up to you like you look up to alcohol,
Letting that poison in your blood, hoping it can heal you.
Except you were good for me,
You made me, who I am.

While that Jack Daniels drink you just chugged, failed you.
It failed your mind, tricking you into thinking that it's helping you.
But really it just separated our connection.
Now our brother and sister affection is fading.
You let that whiskey take over
While now?

I have another man taking over FOR you.
Now that he’s caring for me, you now feel the need, to give your god awful opinion
That he’s not good enough.
You’re mad that I found someone just like you, but doesn't need the booze.
You’re mad that I don’t need you as much anymore.
You tell me that you need to protect me from bad men like him,
but all that you are doing is protecting me from being happy.
Now put that damn bottle down, stop being sappy, sober up, and step up.
And be a brother that you used to be.

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