Lazer Show

November 17, 2016
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The fireworks were awesome, but the aftermath was not
Everyone was having fun but I was scared
I sit not even thinking of what could happen

They were bright and loud
They were very high up over by the clouds
I feel my eye start to blink without about control
And then it was black.

I can hear the bangs and pops but I see nothing
I can hear my friends cheer and clap but there is nothing to see
By now I know what is happening because I feel my hand shake,
It is in my pocket because I don’t want anyone to know.

The fireworks are ending but this attack is not
I can see now but shaking won't stop
My friends ask me if I am ok but I cannot speak
But suddenly it all stops.

My friends believe I’m fine because I say I am, but I am not
And if this keeps happening again my life is not the same
So I stand here a lie
Because it didn’t happen.

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