Today, closed doors to Tomorrow

November 16, 2016

Today I walked through the door
and I had to be very quiet
Today I came into my home
and saw you sitting on our couch asleep
Today you had an electric cigarette
in one hand and a can in the other
Your music was playing
and the lights were on,
but that didn’t seem to bother you

Today I turned off the lights and music,
pried the can out of your hand,
with the e-cig next
I then proceeded to grab a pillow and blanket
to get ready to move you

Today when I tried to move you;
you woke up,
but it wasn’t you staring up at me

I had to question
if you knew it was even me
standing in front of you.

Today I saw the beer in your eyes,
and your face was different

The beer gives you a mask,
and you decide to wear it,
you always decide to wear it

Today you decided to cover up your sorrows and anger,
you decided to take the easier route.
Today I cried, and today you slept
What’s there going to be there tomorrow?

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