November 12, 2016
By S.J.Krystal SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
S.J.Krystal SILVER, Chicago, Illinois
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"I'm not as think as you drunk I am." - Panic! at the Disco

Go on, keep chasing your tails

It's actually quite amusing

I'll wait 

My feet are cemented there, the past

I've learned from it and yet I'm still trapped

But I'll wait

I'll watch you watch the world burn

Because I'm just that stubborn

Waiting, I'm still waiting

All you have to do is lose your grip on things

To regain control

I'll wait for you

But now that I think about it

I wished I followed my own advice sooner

Somehow I'm still waiting

When I could be moving about

Living my life with ease

Waiting, I wonder

Please, just give me a break

I was trying to give you a speech!

I'll wait for your reply

But now I get the lecture

By my own tongue

Why am I still waiting

Put one foot in front of the other

It's really just that simple

Waiting and watching

Get out there and do something

Slowly I step forward

And I'm waiting no more

But since I'm as patient as I am

I'm not going to wait

For you to follow

Don't wait

Just move

We don't know when this life will end

That's all I'm trying to prove

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