Falling For A Boy Like You

November 16, 2016
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For some reason, you are stuck to my mind like glue.
Every hour, every minute, I can’t stop thinking of you.
Your eyes, your smile, your manipulative grin,
Ridding myself of these feelings is a battle I won’t win.

I’m fine by myself, I don’t need a boy by my side,
But when I see you with her, I want to crawl away and hide. 
I’ve always thought crushes stupid, for there’s nothing to gain,
Though lately my morals have gone down the drain.

You’re a playboy, a user, known to break hearts,
So why do I feel this way when I know it’s not smart?
My friends try and warn me, but I already know,
You aren’t good for me but I just can’t let go.

I refuse to admit, I’ll never tell you,
I cannot be weak and let my feelings show through.
These past months it’s remained the same,
I’ve just been another pawn in your never-ending game.

The first time we kissed I felt the sparks fly,
And for months I didn’t go for any other guy.
But what I later found out was that in that same night,
You were with another girl after I was out of sight.

So, I like you, I guess,
It’s hard to admit. 
But falling for a boy like you
Is like an addiction to a drug you cannot quit.

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