Save Him

November 16, 2016
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My lover has cuts that run deep.
I know the price of saving him is steep.

My world could cave in.
Are my dreams worth saving him?

I’m on a dangerous road.
I’m scared I’ll be damned to an empty abode.

TO save could mean throwing my dreams away.
Why do I fight so hard to stay?

I make mistake after mistake,
When will I open my eyes and stay awake?

I want to bliss out and not deal,
But that reality isn’t real.

I can’t just run far far away,
For I have the power to pave my own way.

Letting him go hold’s a world of fear,
But holding on means ignoring whats here.

I must use my goddess given light,
To fight for myself and all that’s right.

To save him,
My world must cave in,

If save him I must,
I crumble all my dreams to dust.

Ashes to ashes,
I forgive my tresspasses.

Dust to dust,
I’ll not turn my dreams to ru

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