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November 9, 2016
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Map: Red, Red, Redder:
Stained on my cheeks,
That feeling of Hopelessness
2016 brought along much too much
Dropping us to the floor,
Alongside us our tears plummet,
As if those dismal drops could
Disinfect our Name.
His supporter walks in,
Red bandana on neck,
Hateful heart sheltered behind
That red flag he clings to;
“You were wrong,” he smirks,
As if this election were the game
We all thought it was
As if we did not all lose last night
When things get bad, don’t we all bleed
Red: the color of the stop sign
We all saw but drove past,
The color of anger:
Unmanaged, ignored
Prey to Racism to Sexism to Hate.
What a pity to witness
One of our colors so blemished.
Roll out the red carpet;
It’s time to praise our leader.

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