November 9, 2016
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(Formatted for the benefit of white supremacists)


Well white supremacists, you have your president.
I hope you enjoy him also, and am sorry you felt
So oppressed
By a black president (Obama) who favors equality,
But fear not, your eight years of depression
Have ended.
You can enjoy it now,
While the rich, heterosexual (that means straight), white, men
Get richer
And the rest
all fall
To the bottom.

But white supremacists,
You aren’t completely free
For I have hope,
Change takes time,
But it will come before us
Like the fiery winds of a hurricane,
We are just amidst the eye right now.

So “whites”...can I call you that?
Yes you’re free,
But you’ll be hearing this voice
In the back of your minds...should you use them
In the back of your souls...if you posses them
You’ll be hearing this voice
Fighting for the lives who need to fight to be heard.
You’ll be hearing this voice
Until the day I die...and I cannot be

(By the way, the narrator is your conscience, you can find a definition of the word “conscience” at Dictionary.com)

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Jevans77 said...
Feb. 16 at 7:38 pm
Your writing is excellent
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