Water Imposion

November 7, 2016
By , Walker, MI

Walking to the frog pond in the frosty winter at noon
The name of the pond came from the croaking noise
Mysteriously coming from the shoreline

The circumstances weren’t clear until
All the sudden a burst of air hit my body and
One by one we dropped like bricks into
The bitter water

A second later a helping arm appeared
Pulling one after the other a new person
My lucky friend must've been strong because
Our sloppy bodies must have felt like
Elephants with our clothes soaked

Next thing I know
My friends ahead about a half mile
With their dripping pants and heavy shoes
Running like cheetahs to my house
For the heat of the sun to dry us off

Maybe the worse day for a hangout
Or the bad decisions either way
We decided never to perambulation
Across the pond during any season.

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