To the Ones

November 5, 2016

This is to the under achievers,
To the wanna-be weight losers
Who aren't seeing results,
This is to the kids with drunken dads who only drink rum,
To the people who only received as little as bread crumbs.

This is to the children with hush quiet moms,
This is to the ones who lay in bed and
Stare at the ceiling praying for sleep,
But there is no God when you spell it dog,
Barking in your neighborhood at midnight.

There are other people like you,
Other people who know where you stand,
This is to the people who can't stand,
You, so you tell them to sit.

To the people who are always sitting,
And the people who told you to stand up for yourself,
And those selfish girls who told you to "sit down".
Those boys who told you to shut up,

This-This is for the ones who fought but didn’t win,
The battle you went into with only your fists,
While everyone else seemed to have bigger weapons.

This is to the children who cannot read,
But can read lips of their loved ones,
This is to the left hand writers who aren't writing,
"Right", this is to unrequited lovers,
Or the ones who speak "I love yous"
And don’t hear it back.

This is to the none swimmers,
For the foreign talkers who all go swimming,
Because we all sound the same underwater.

To the people who  can't  find their purpose,
To the ones who took a long walk off of a short pier,
This is to the ones who don't know how to tell a lie,
But they shake their  hips,
Because hips don't lie.

This one,
This one is for the non-believers,
To the ones who count by twos,
When there is only one piece of the cake left,
And to the ones who think everything is a piece of cake.

To the ones who wanna be like King Midas,
Who wished everything was gold,
Stay gold pony boy,
It's a long road ahead of you,
And many manholes to fall into,
But don't fall in,
You'll-you'll be fine.

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