October 3, 2016
By LivMB GOLD, Amery, Wisconsin
LivMB GOLD, Amery, Wisconsin
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"Just be happy and if you can't be happy do things that make you happy or do nothing with the people that make you happy." -Esther Earl 1994-2010

There once was a girl named Alexis who swung on the swings after school so high that her feet touched the sky and saw the world in a blur, but was happy and life was easy and her dad came home happy.

There once was a girl named Lexi, because the girls at school said it was cooler and she wore glasses and the world wasn't blurry and she swung after school on the swings and she was happy and life was easy until her dad came home stumbling and slurring his words.

There once was a girl named Ali, because that's what the senior quarter-back called her and she didn't wear her glasses because the senior quarter-back didn't like them and she didn't swing after school because the senior quarter-back had other plans and life was hard and complicated and her dad was no longer here to do what the senior quarter-back now did.

There once was a girl whose name doesn't matter because nothing matters and the world was blurry through the tears in her eyes and she tied up her swing and stood on her chair and she thought back to when she was happy and life was easy and jumped off her chair and she swung like she used to when she was little except this time her feet would never touch the sky and life was over.

The author's comments:

The tragically short life of a teenage girl.

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