October 3, 2016

My voice has never
Been push out there,
It's never been noticed,
Just because I stay calm and collective
Doesn’t mean I don’t have an opinion.
I shouldn’t have to scream and yell
To get my voice out there.
I am human
Yet treated like a ghost,
I get looked at but never seen,
never noticed,
It’s about time people notice me.
For the things I do,
The things I say,
I only get looked at for the mistakes I make,
I am seen for my mistakes
And that is about to change
I have been pushed around for to long
Today is my day!
To get my voice out there
To make people realize,
I am an Important person in this world,
There is a lot of great thing I can do in this world,
My story has a new beginning
With an impacting end.
Today is my day!
People will know the name
They will know who I am
Today is the day I become noticed.

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