My Roots

October 3, 2016
By Gillianceleste BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
Gillianceleste BRONZE, Canton, Illinois
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How can you tell me you don’t like who I am?

Do I make mistakes?
One or two faults every day, probably hour
So I’m not who you thought I would be?
So I’m not who you thought I should be?
But what if I don’t want to change?
Maybe this “bad path” is fine by me
If I’m learning wrong or growing poorly
Maybe my roots need to reach away from you
I should be my own person
I don’t have to be “your person”
I thought I was trying so hard
But I was reaching your goals, jumping through your hoops
So I’ll set my own coarse, ride my own road
As you’re trying to rein me in maybe I’ll break free
Maybe this rope I thought was steel is really string
I thought I was 100 times bound
But maybe I could get free with a tug
Simply walk away, I don’t have to stay
I can be on my own
I could be myself on my own

The author's comments:

I was inspired by a very dificult discusion that I had with my parents. Writing it actually helped me to cope.

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