American Girl

October 2, 2016
By Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
Rach3819 PLATINUM, The Colony, Texas
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Red, white, and blue

Sins, lies, and you

All alone, a returning spark;

A fever for you in the dark.


My throat burns when

I lust for your love,

Like a lit cigarette

Stuck in my lungs

The filter's burnt out

That damage is done.


Second best

To your "new girl,"

Who's just like the rest.

A distraction,

Cause you can't have me yet--


I'm a baby with 

No freedom;

A bad girl with 

No place to roam

So you pick me up

At 2am 

Cause they can't know I'm gone.


I wished I were alone, yet

It's true that

My sins are tied to you.

I tried to cough up all the love,

But it's stuck in our grooves;

Begging for control

To go behind her back;


To love me again

In your car,

In that parking lot

Around the corner.

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