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September 30, 2016
By Haileybailey BRONZE, Berkley, Michigan
Haileybailey BRONZE, Berkley, Michigan
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Sit on a bench poem

Green leaves
Healthy trees
Blue sky and black birds in the air,
Grass is green
Sidewalk is cracked

Oh I wish summer never left
The air was so nice and cool
Stayed outside
Walked on the leaves that fallen from the trees to the sidewalk 

Oh how nice and beautiful that day was.

Artifact- Keychain

got this keychain at the store
For my great grandma.
got this keychain for her when I was young,

The smile I got from her made me happy
I got the keychain when she passed away
Reminds me of her everyday

I miss her
I love her
She will always be with my family and I


Artifact-The sand dollar

We went to Florida
Stayed at a hotel
Went on the beach sunrise till sundown

went out at night
Walked on the beach
We found a sand dollar

I love the memories from Florida
We will go again some time soon
We will love to see more views
And have another great experience

The author's comments:

Im not really good at poems, but this is the best poems i have

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