Is Right Always Wrong or is Wrong Always Right ?

September 28, 2016
By jmarin2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas , Nevada
jmarin2019 BRONZE, Las Vegas , Nevada
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When did oppression, abuse, fear become an everyday thing .
When they would fear that the end is near .
Not knowing what to do because no matter what they do they always lose like being in a group and being picked on for being the weak link
You fight back with all your might and they just fight harder knowing it ain't right
No matter what you do you always lose
They try hiding to not be seen
They can't camouflage
They can't disappear
They do what they're told
But they still have a hold on them
Screaming I can't breathe and their grip becomes tighter
They have their phone to call their mom to say I love you instead their mom has to say I love you to their coffin
“They had a gun so I shot” 
They were out of luck it was a phone
He was on the run so I shot him instead of tasing him or chasing him
“He started the fight”
They acting like it's right just because they ride in that black and white
“Don't shoot”
No they were looting
So much abuse they don't know what to do
They say go left they go left then they say no I said right
Go up go down go left go right no don't do that don't do this do that instead do this
Feel like their head is gonna burst
When did it go from whips and chains to guns and it wasn't my fault
It went from I've never shot my gun to I shoot it when I'm too lazy to chase
They discriminate because of your race
They tripped over their laces now I can shoot
No one gets justice even if was on tape
Just because of their race
Don't worry killing someone for nothing isn't a big deal
The real deal is if you killed someone for something

The author's comments:

I wrote this because with all the police brutality occuring, I believe it should end.

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