A way to get out

September 28, 2016

Life is a locked room

but you have a key.

That key is called music

and it sets you free


Music is a new world,

just waiting to be explored.

With suprise after another,

you'll never be bored.


With flowers of eigth notes,

and trees made of quarters

all while whole notes

make up the waves.


Then as you journey through this beutiful place,

a place where you dont have to hid your face

you meet new people, and make new friends

and build relationships that never end.


Music is an escape,

a way to get out

out of all troubles, out of all pain.

out of the worries which bring you no gain.


In this world, I feel right at home

never bored, and never alone.

I visit this place quite often you see,

for it is one place I can truly be me.

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JacobH8 said...
Oct. 3, 2016 at 10:19 am
A beautiful poem
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