You Are Still What You Always Were.

September 27, 2016
By gmfrancone GOLD, New Lenox, Illinois
gmfrancone GOLD, New Lenox, Illinois
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You were here, in the way you filled the hole in my heart with the simplicity of your existence.
You were sunshine, in the way your eyes gleamed and how your smile illuminated all around it.
You were music, in the way your laugh echoed through harsh voids and how the words you spoke remained in my head for an eternity.
You were wind, in the way each breath you inhaled held so much importance, that remained with you as you exhaled.
You were the galaxy, in the way that all you loved numbered more than each star in the sky, and how those stars were visible in your eyes as you radiated that love.
You were innocence, in the way regardless of your age, you still dashed around open fields shouting into the abyss, careless, free.
You were a camera, in the way you looked at everything as it was pure art, how you saw brokenness and called it beautiful.
You were electricity, in the way energy pulsed through your veins relentlessly, concocting various ideas and new ways to attempt things.
You were gentle, in the way you treated everything as if it were glass, careful not to shatter anything or anyone.
You were comfort, in the way your hands held me when my mind went dark, how the light you contained wrestled its way into me.
You were spontaneous, in the way your whims took place of logic and adrenaline replaced uncertainty, every step fully impetuous.
You were home, in the way that four walls and ceiling were nothing compared to how it felt to be in your arms and to hear the sound of your heartbeat.
You were inconsistent, in the way you could not seem to make up your mind, how your perception of things would change rapidly and without warning.
You were unfulfilled, in the way that nothing was ever enough to complete you, how I was no longer able to provide you with what you needed.
You were hypocritical, in the way you spoke of treating all things in their entirety as if they were the last of their kind, though you seemed to forget that I was the only of my kind.
You were convincing, in the way you persuaded me to believe that forever was held in you, how you told me nothing would hurt as long as we cling to each other.
You were the day turned into night, in the way the sunshine you contained seemed to dissipate like smoke, replaced with a pit of darkness.
You were a house, in the way the feeling of home disintegrated, leaving four walls and a ceiling in return.
You were a time-bomb, in the way each second passing lessened how long you would last, ticking until our moments ran empty.
You are gone, in the way you dug a hole in my heart with the complexity of your vacancy.

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