Human Nature

September 27, 2016
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How dare I let myself believe that the bruises on my legs are any less beautiful than last nights sunset, because they are made up of all of the same colors, but one being on my skin is enough to make me believe that it is not worthy of being beautiful. How dare I tell myself that the arch of my nose is too big, because no one ever judges the shape of a valley or the height of a mountain, and I am just as much a part of nature as they are. How dare I think poorly of myself for the amount of fat on my stomach or on my thighs, the ocean has never been branded too full of water or the forest too full of trees, absence in nature calls for panic and need for assistance whereas if I were to shed 15 pounds I would be seen as “beautifully thin”. How dare I compare myself to others when no flower is ever seen as ugly just because another one is also beautiful, no tulip any less than a rose, but different in their exquisitely unique existence. How dare I hide my tears from falling when no cloud has ever hid its rain for the sake of looking weak, because storms are anything but weak, they’re raging and they’re strong, my tears are no different than the rains. How dare I cover the spots on my face with makeup while the sky is able to show off its trillions of stars and the stars are all counted and the stars are all adored and I too can be adored. How dare I let myself believe that I am any less that the wonders of nature and I am any less than the beauty of the universe. My scars are the Grand Canyon and my flaws are the Northern Lights. My fingers play this world’s greatest melodies and my lips speak this world’s greatest words. My existence is no less brilliant than the sun, so I will continue to shine, as the Earth and I are one.

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