Artifact and memory poem

September 27, 2016

My Gold Watch (artifact poem)

I got this Eclipse watch
Its silver and gold
But it’s too cold to really hold
I bought this watch at Kohl's
On the watch it has a button that rolls
The watch is not electronic
But the watch to me is iconic
Every time the light hits the glass
It looks like a gigantic flash
I will try not to lose it
But if I do, I will not be able to use it

Memory poem
I remember the time I went to Washington D.C
on the bus there was at least 50
The 12 hour trip it took to get there not much to do but sit and stare, the seats were as hard as a rock, twist and turn to get sleep, I felt like not sleeping anymore I look over and saw people sleeping on the floor.

I remember when we got there at the
Hard Rock To get some breakfast, the food there was great eggs bacon
And even pancakes, after we were there we
Went to the monuments in D.C
The capital, museums, and even a movie.

The monuments were massive
And stone, the walk with the rain was cold alone,
Once the day was over, back
To the hotel where we could rest
I sleep like a bear in the hot humid air.

The next three days went by
Fast to the capitol, the white house
And all of the museum's, many stops
Here and there, most of the time
We had no time to spear.

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