Observing the Outside World

September 27, 2016
By Anonymous

The constant hum of lawn mowers fills my ears

The smell of freshly cut grass lingers throughout the air
Morning dew slowly rolls down the grass
Down it goes
And gently lands in the soil

The breeze rustling the tree leaves draws my attention
I watch as they dance, crazy and energetically
Pine trees stay lush and green
While the tree leaves change color

Bright sun shines down not a cloud to be found
Cement bleak and firm braces my bottom
Rays of sun mild and peaceful cover my back

Laughter and exclamations permeate my head
From children bounding and leaping across the track
The parking lot is bursting with crumbling cars
Belonging to students repressed in school
The school looks dismal and tiring
Compared to the brilliant sun shining outside.

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