i am from

September 26, 2016
By , Detroit, MI

I am from the city

From the Glade and Apple-Cinnamon
I am from the flowers
And smells so good
I am from the tree
The unclimbable tree

I am from parties and big laughs
From Nena and Bryce
I’m from Horror geeks
And Halloween freaks
From Same! and Come Together!
I am from the will of God
And his words of wisdom

I am from the Randol and McIntosh’s
Chicken and bean burritos
From the dent I made
When I crashed into the garage
My mother’s lazy eye

I am from the boxes
In the closets around the house
Where they bring me back
To times of bliss
While the memories drift
From the times of bliss
I grow still each day

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