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September 26, 2016
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Genie Lamp

Dull brass, hiding something.

Mystery in the air.

The cool feel of metal.

The delicate engraving of flowers.

The smell of something new.

Not bad, but different.

The tinkling of metal on metal.

I envision a place I’ve never been before.

A faraway land with people I’ve never met before.

A lamp with a genie in it.


Where I'm From


I am from the mitten, from Target, and Converse.


I am from the old purple house, flaky paint, scary basement.


I am from the magnolia trees, the geraniums.


I am from couch football and dark brown hair, from Lucina and Armella.


I am from the arguers and loud talkers.


I am from "homework first" and "stay out of the kitchen".


I am from kinda Catholic I guess.


I am from Lansing and Germany, pumpkin cookies and lasagna.


I am from the cookie-stealing grandma, the mom date and the blizzard car.


I am from the camera.

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