September 29, 2016


I'm walking
It's blue skies and nice
Wearing a tshirt and shorts

Birds are chirping
squirrel is collecting his food
Running back and forth to tree
Is he feeding them, his kids?
How many does he have? Is it a girl?

The cars are zooming past, high speeds
Blows my mind how there aren’t crashes
Someone just blaring the music as they drive
Are they distracted?
Did they even see me
Walking looking like a dork with a journal in my hand

Dogs going crazy, at every fence, barking, jumping, going insane
Are the dogs going to break the fence
Are they going to attack me as I walk
Will I have to fend them off with my journal

Did I put myself in danger for writing this silly poem?



It hangs perfectly
Never tangled
Never facing the wrong way.
It hangs perfectly next to my heart

What does it mean?

It means she's there.
She's never leaving,
She's always watching over me
Through that cross
That hangs ever so perfectly around my neck
Shines when she wants me to know she’s there
Shines when we wants to talk.

I love you, Grandma.

You will forever be hanging on my neck perfectly on that box chain,
Right next to my heart,
I am never alone.







To me nothing pops out
I say to myself
“Oh I have a million memories”
But then when it matters I draw a blank
What defines memories,
What is the difference between memories
Or remembering things in the past.
What is it? What could the difference possibly be
I remember what I ate yesterday.
Just good things?
Is that what makes a memory?
Remember all things, make your whole life a memory,
Not just the happy times!

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