A kid named Paul

September 28, 2016
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This’ll be a short story
About this kid I knew
Some will think he needs a therapist
But believe me this kid grew up with some blues

I’m not going into detail about how he came to the world
No I’m talking about his school days
Those were the dark times
I’m talking about 4th, 5th, and 6th grade

Now if you look at him he looks happy, nice, always smiling
But really he was depressed, darkness was his name
He didn't show it or else people would say he is weak
His dad wasn’t there so he didn’t have a role model
Because of him he wasn’t fit at all, age 10 he was weighing 180 pounds
Growing up was hard, poor guy
He was bullied about his weight,
Smartest one in this class, had straight A’s
Had his head in the toilet after class

A kid with no friends, no role model, no one to look up to
It was sad, he made up his own friends
But in the end they never talked back to him
Maybe it was his own mind saying he can't make any friends

Mom was Christian, thought he was possessed
Made him go to church on Sundays but he didn’t tell his mom he was being bullied
If he did then that will put stress in her
So you see now what could happen if you’re weak

Paul Wall was the name his mom would call
But he was too down in the dumps to answer
Poor kid his story is still going
I wish him luck everyday.
And I hope our minds don't disconnect 

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