the night

September 24, 2016
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The night’s eyes twinkle and shine just like the stars
As she exhales the world dances around her
causing a settle breeze to arise
Just like us, the night has feelings
When she gets mad thunder starts rumbling
when her mood worsens lightening strikes
No matter what she is feeling deep inside
the world still admires her beauty.

She appears as a sapphire blue if you just glance
if you take the time to examine her soul
there is a galaxy deep within
Her heart is the moon to her body
it makes her glow and stand out from the rest
When you feel lonely she will always be there to listen
If you begin to feel sad she will begin to dance like the northern lights

She can be very silly at times
The night is young, Wild and free once the sun goes to sleep
When the sun awakens
she mellows down and rests till its her time to shine once again.

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