Our Unrealistic Society

September 24, 2016
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We strive to be flawless – without imperfection
Cherry red lips and rosy cheeks, size 0-5
It’s the obscure image of our unrealistic society.
We believe the pictures on the cover of every fashion magazine,
Yet we’ve been told many times before they’re all lies
But what else are we left to believe?


Beauty is deception, or really the meaning we grew up to understand
It’s to paint an image of perfection without any perspective
And to take to heart all those lies that others tell you.


One simply hears the words they crave and not the words that speak
They only see the distorted image of what they want to see
Not the Claritin-clear picture of a mirror in front of their face.


Why must we live in a civilization that scrutinize everything you ever do
Because somewhere there’s a girl who cries herself to sleep,
A boy who’s afraid to be weak and so he bottles it in
Until it explodes like a can of hot soda, shaken and left in a car
Because there’s a mother who struggles
With feeding her kids
And when she looks at them, even with love in her eyes, she only sees
Damaged children who could’ve been more.


Cause beauty it’s deception.
We strive to be flawless –without imperfection.
And it’s all the obscure image of our unrealistic society.

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