Daddy's Teddy Bear

September 23, 2016

She lays in bed wondering when she’ll see her daddy again,
She lays in bed wondering where he went,
When he’s coming back
If she will get a kiss goodnight from him.

But she doesn’t know that there’s no more family dinners,
No more goofing around,
No more bedtime stories,
No more kisses goodnight,
No more him.

She thinks he is coming back soon,
He had gone to the store to get the cigarettes to soften the pain,
Little does she know that he was in all that pain.

Those cigarettes that he used to smoke still had the stain,
Walking down the highway with little attention to pay,
He walked right down down the middle of the right lane,
Then he got hit and there he just lay.

That day he told her he was coming back,
They goofed around,
And had the best day.

He gave her that bear,
And all day she play,
With the small bear and at night with it she lay.

She’s all grown up,
She still has the bear,
And at night she lay,
With that one small loan teddy bear,
With hope he is still coming back,
She remembers the feeling of him running his hands through her hair.

So there she lays with her teddy bear.

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