Run Death , Run

September 22, 2016
By woodlands BRONZE, Pendleton , South Carolina
woodlands BRONZE, Pendleton , South Carolina
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Death is the voice to your ear
Drugs are the life of death
But the life is not yours to keep
Oh Death , U better start running
For the lord is hot on your tail
He knows where you hide
So run fast you old boy

Death is the knife that you hold in your hand
The drug that you hold in your mouth
Run fast
Run far
U are the pain that is the thorn in  my heart
You are nothing to me but a sick man
So run while you can
The lord is the pain of you
The lord , My God is the light of my world

SO I say to , U will Not get far for the lord is coming
And you will run in fear
For the lord is the one true king

I will Never give in to you death no more
I will call on the Lord to deal with you
For I am a child of God
Not the one that u can hold

The author's comments:

the thing that inspired me to write this poem was to capture the moment and scene of someone facing death and telling him to run out of his or her life.


I hope what people will capture from this poem truth and a way to turn a life that is hurt into a life of peace. you are not alone , you are not a mistake. Stand up for what you believe in and for your life that was given to you  

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