Where I'm From

September 22, 2016
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I am from a humble countryside,

      where nearby horses stride.

From a home that's big and long,

      with a bold American flag.

I am from bright green grass,

      and a glimmering sun in June.


I am from my ragged old blue bear,

      who's still as soft as a plush chair.

From intricate drawings I brought to life,

      that started with a touch of creativity.


I am from my mother's voice,

      that soothes better than a quiet songs melody.

From my disabled father,

      who goes through life lik a champ.

And old rock music he'd play late at night,

      with a beat that overflowed within me.


I am from late night baking,

      with my favorite grandma,

      who treats me especially.

From her freshly baked chocolate chip cookies,

      that poured warmth in my mouth

      and spread flower across the kitchen.


I am from late night talks,

      with friends whom I love.

From good times and bad,

      which we've all suffered through,

      but never alone.

I am from calming waves of kindness

      that flows from friends that last a lifetime.

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