Where Olivia is from

September 19, 2016
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Olivia was from the tomboy clothes she wore
(Spiderman T-shirts and camo pants)
From picking blueberries with Alan and Nicole on the lingering driveway...
(eating them along the way)
From riding her bike into the pile of burs
(and Mom picking them off every time)

She was from the clunky classes and shark teeth around her neck
(Mom tried to dress her)
From her sister in uniform, never disobeying...
(the opposite of Olivia)
From the vacations to exotic places
(Bahamas and Hawaii were her favorite)

Olivia was from the Wednesday night church classes
(Mom and Dad forced her to take them)
From the volleyball practices four times a week...
(learning leadership, loyalty, and lessons)
From Mom calling her “Liv”
(her friends catching on)

She is from a determined, daring and defiant mindset
(“If you’re not first you’re last”)
From the late night Netflix episodes of Lost, The Office, and Stranger Things...
(she should go to bed earlier)
From coming home to “How was your day?” “Tell me something crazy that happened”
(over exaggerated stories of the rumors she heard)

Olivia is from Silver Lake
(barefooting at 6AM, waterskiing, and wakeboarding)
From Mom telling her to “Drive safe” when she leaves the house...
(and Mom letting out a sigh of relief the second she walked in the door)
From Christmas day, opening one present the night before
(opening the one from her sister)

She now wears plain T-shirts
(fitting in with the rest of Arrowhead)

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