Where I'm From?

September 19, 2016
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I am from 6:35 AM, a cold rain hits my face
The gravel beneath my untied shoelaces is flooded.
Sharing silence with fatigued teenagers.
We wait for our bus to howl around the corner.
My eyes struggle to focus
as I watch the rain soak into my jeans that are too long.
A trivial worry makes my body ache,
Anxious of what happens next.
However, I am motionless, undetected by the grey sky.
Only nine years old.


I am from 11:19 AM, a classroom disaster,
children shrieking, carelessly together.
not a word lifted from my mouth,
is found visible to those around me.
A light shines through the window,
Beaming through unrest
Illuminating our bodies,
Coloring a moment in time spent in chaos
with grey and blue. Day after day.
Only 12 years old.


I am from 12:05 PM, the world is paralyzed,
my sky is filled with stars.
It feels real, in an open road,
encompassed by myself.
The pavement marks my place in time,
too late, as I had to be home.
My vigor fading, dark circles under my eyes,
this spirit is drifting away from it’s capsizing vessel.
I see the shadow of my car in the distance,
Diminishing each time I look back.
What I’ve become is a mystery to me.
Here in the darkness,
16 years old.

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