Where I'm From

September 16, 2016
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I am from workers that provide,

protect and are polite.
(The fallen branch of Michelle and Deryll)
I was not raised with silver spoons
and served on silver platters.
Rather smelling crock pot cooked chicken and corn arriving home from public schools.
I am from Michelle yelling, “Don’t play near the stove.”
To learning my lesson, the burn and crying.

I am from the wilderness.
(Crisp, calm and critiqued by the eye.)
I am not from the city filled with slickers
that work nine to five.
Rather weekend mornings and sounds of nature in Hazelhurst.
I am from oaks and pines engulfing me while I sleep.  
Living humble towards the blessings I teach.

I am from “Remember to call Grammy for her birthday.”
I am not from greed and granted for the taking.
Rather holding doors for ladies, saying please and thank you.
I am from a ranch built home the opposite of black.
(Maroon shutters accented with white flower boxes)
Raised to be thankful and root for the Pack.

I am from workers that motivate,
guided to be mannered and are remarried.
I am not from driving to college in the future and forgetting to look back.
Rather dwelling on shoreline memories in Naples, Florida and Cancun, Mexico.
I am from saving childish cousin Charlie when he was drowning years ago.
Transition from boy to young man and still continue to grow.

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