of these chains

September 16, 2016
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in these chains that i am trapped in

is there any hope for me yet

but of these chains can i see you 

will you help me 

i am in pain 

you are my addiction 

you are my hope 

i see your face 

so beautiful 

i know i can't pay this ransom by myself 

i am in a eternal war 

is there any hope for me yet 

but of these chains

can i see your face 

can i have hope 

you are beautiful 

you are my only hope 

you are 

you are 

you are 

yau are everything i need

i am screaming for help 

can anybody hear me 

does anybody need me 

does anybody know my pain

what is this man that comes before me 

he says he comes to set me free

but of these chains that i hold onto

so carefully

but you say 

and i will do

because you are hope for me

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